Adult Alternatives During Closure

During our time of quarantine/social distancing, FPC staff and elders wanted to make sure to provide ample opportunities for growing our faith…instead of our fears! Here are just a FEW ways we would like you to join us, until we can meet again face to face!

Join a study!!! We will be coming together via Zoom twice a week through April for a study titled Providence:God in Control (

Elders and staff will be leading you on Zoom in the video and a short discussion.  What a wonderful way to see your fellow covenant partners’ faces, feel a sense of connection to FPC and continue to grow in faith together.

Pray with Us! We will have a 24 hour day of prayer each week from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday during the CDC’s recommended 8 week social distancing.  It is simple to join, just sign up here ( and PRAY! Wonder how you can pray for an entire hour?? Michael Morris has provided us a guide: (prayer video)


Pray using hand 


Pinky is for people in the world you don’t know who are normal people, homeless, sick, elderly, etc.

Ring finger is for people you know so your friends, family and enemies

Middle finger is for people in the world who are leaders, so CEOs, presidents, coaches, etc.

Index finger points to God, this is where you pray adoration and worship of God

Thumb points back at ourselves where we pray for ourselves and our sins


Mr. Rogers’ method


Get a list of people and pray for each of them out loud by name.


Michael’s thoughts:


Prayer doesn’t have to just be speaking to God but can be done when in quiet introspection while listening and considering music. As Dr. Thomas points out in his video, the best way to pray is to pray God’s words back to Him so read through the psalms!

But don’t stop there! Invite people to join you and share in the hour, get out your journal and journal your prayers (what a gift to go back and see God’s provision!).  Lastly, don’t forget to check in on FaceBook, share a photo of how you spend your hour and tag us! We know the power of prayer is exactly what is needed right now! 

Find ways to grow your faith, not your fear! There are ENDLESS resources coming our way right now.  Choose one that appeals to you and run with it, commit to it and stand firm in your faith! We have found so many resources and are committed to sharing the ones we love the most.  Currently, one of the most trusted sources we turn to, has an incredibly generous offer to provide everything they have FREE OF CHARGE. Visit Ligonier’s website to see all they have!  They offer a daily audio, video and devotional, what a wonderful check in each day! Find friends and family to join you and connect with discussion via FaceTime, text message or phone calls! 

Follow us! Social media is proving to be such a gift during this time of isolation.  Join us on FaceBook and Instagram to stay up to date with what our staff is doing, what is happening in the virtual life of the church and what is coming next!

The Bible Project has been a trusted source for a long time, but they have really stepped up their game in response to Co-Vid! They have a Church at Home publication each week with timely and applicable messages, videos, discussion questions and opportunities to dig a little deeper. The videos are great for all ages, the commentary and questions can be adjusted for different age groups.