Dear FPC Family,

I hope you are all doing well. Can you believe August is already halfway (almost) over?!?! I for one am excited for the year to be halfway over, if for nothing else then we are getting closer to Christmas! This week and in the coming weeks we will look at what is the church. I hope these letters will be beneficial to you all!

Before we get going this is a test to see who all is reading this, if you are reading this please email me at and tell me your favorite flavor of ice cream. So the question at hand is, what is the church? If you look it up on Merriam-Webster online it gives the first definition as “a building for public and especially Christian worship.” It is in the third definition, however, that we find the true biblical definition of church, “often capitalized: a body or organization of religious believers.” Everytime in the New Testament we have the word “church” it is from the Greek word ἐκκλησια (pronounced ih-klee-zee-uh). Why is this important? This word everywhere can be translated as church or assembly. If you can’t already guess what I’m going to say next, the church is more than a building. The church in its most basic sense is the people.

Dr. Derek Thomas in an article for Ligonier entitled, “What is the Church?” states this, “The church, then, consists of those whom the Lord has called out of the world into union and fellowship with Christ and into communion with each other.” Now that we have discussed what is the church, next week we’ll discuss what we should do as the church of God.

In Christ,

Rev. Michael Morris

Assistant Pastor/Director of Student Ministries