Hello FPC Family!

I truly hope each of your weeks are off to a fantastic start! This week we will continue our discussion on what is the church. I want to start with this quote from a professor of mine. His name is Nick Batzig and he has written for Ligonier and the Gospel Coalition. “The church is not a group of people who agree on every extra-biblical preference, every societal or political issue, or every cultural movement. It is not you and your best friends. It is a group of sinners who have been redeemed by the grace and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.” I love this quote because it reigns true for us as believers today. Too often we think to be part of the church means everyone must believe exactly the way we do on things outside of Biblical truth. The church is truly “a group of sinners redeemed by the grace and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

With this, what should we do now that we know what the church is? We should treat each other with the same amazing grace that saved us. Do we all agree on every little thing? No! But this does not mean that we should be closed minded on what our brothers and sisters in the faith say and think. This is how great conversations happen between fellow believers. Think of your own family. Do you agree with how your brother or sister is raising their children? Do you agree with your parents’ political viewpoints? Do you agree with your spouse about where to grab supper? Think about how boring of a life it would be if we all agreed on every little thing. We were called to be the body of Christ, if we are all eyeballs, how would we hear? If we were all hands, how would we walk? God gave us the ability to be different from one another and same in the sense that we all have a common savior in the Lord Jesus. How amazing of a God do we serve?!

In Christ,

Rev. Michael Morris

Assistant Pastor/Director of Student Ministries