Dear First Presbyterian Church Congregation,
The document that follows this note is taken from the thinking and planning of a group of people in the Sandia Presbyterian Church who want to be together safely. As you are able, please read it and the document emailed to you from the First Presbyterian Session and Staff in order to understand what sister churches use to guide their reopening process and what we here at First Presbyterian will use as we look forward to our reopening on Sunday, June 14, 2020.
As Pastor Michael mentioned during a recent virtual service, God has through his Holy Spirit called us together to be the body of Christ. The Greek word for “church,” ecclesia, means a called-out assembly or gathering. Being together is what the body of Christ is meant to be. It is absolutely essential to the health and vitality of our church to be together. Yet we need to come together safely.
In Christ,
Interim Senior Pastor
First Presbyterian Church, Wichita Falls, Texas