Where do I go?

Once you have parked in the guest parking, you may enter the Atrium through the doors under the covered driveway. You are of course more than welcome to drop off the family under the driveway before parking your car!
The covered driveway is where you can drop off your family and enter the building.

Once Inside the Atrium

As you enter the doors to the Atrium, you will notice friendly faces and happy people. Be sure to stop by our connection center where you can find documents that tell you more about our church and our vision. You will also notice donuts, coffee, and juice. Please grab a bite and have a drink before departing the Atrium.
The Atrium is where you will find donuts, coffee, juice, and the Connection Center.

How to get to Service

As you exit the Atrium, you will see one of our greeters who will give you a bulletin with the order of service. They will be more than happy to help you find the sanctuary or anything else that you might need.

What about my children?

Children are welcome in the sanctuary during service. We have a “Moments with Children” during our service where the kids come to the front of the sanctuary and receive a brief Bible lesson and a prayer. You are welcomed and encouraged to escort your children to the front if you desire. Your children may depart to our childcare with the other children or they may return to their seat with you. You may choose to have your children join our childcare before the service. The greeter would be more than happy to show you how to get to the childcare area of the church.