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One Starry Night

Thursday, December 7 at 6:30pm

You're invited to a night of wonder as we journey through Bethlehem. We need lots of help to make it happen. Please read below to find out ways to get involved. This night is an incredible opportunity to minister to little ones and their families! We are expecting more traffic and need the hands and feet to serve. 

We need lots of food and drinks for this event!

Help sponsor One Starry Night by clicking "give now"  on our Giving page and choose "One Starry Night" from the dropdown menu.

One Starry Night needs lots of hands and feet! Read details below of certain roles that are needed.

Volunteer at One Starry Night

Below is information for volunteers who would like to help bring Bethlehem to life! Two or more people are needed at each station to facilitate the activity, craft, or experience. Below is a list of each station:

  • The City Gate

    • Beggar - Demonstrate Christ's love and compassion to those less fortunate. This person will sit on a little mat on the ground wearing a shabby, meager robe or burlap. 

  • Census Taker's Office

    • This is the welcome table. Register families for the census by writing their names on the scroll with the bamboo stylus. Hand out coins and family books.

  • The Fields

    • Shepherds help oversee the petting zoo in the Courtyard. James with Minnie's petting zoo will be there. We will have the playing sheep game out there for families to play too! 

  • The Inn

    • Inn keepers will help with the nativity and stickers and distribute the lanterns /houses.

  • Stargazer Hill

    • Stargazers will gaze at the stars, talk about the magi, and help with the Stellar Constellation viewers and frankincense crushing necklaces. 

  • The Marketplace

    • Serve an assortment of foods. Includes cookie decorating station.

  • The Stable

    • Mary and Joseph and their new baby tell their story. Helpers needed for guiding crafts. 


Please contact me (Lindsey Lunn) if there is a specific way you would like to volunteer at One Starry Night! We also need help setting up and tearing down. 


Lindsey Lunn, Children's Ministry Director

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