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Public Prayer Needs 

Week of May 12


Pray for all war-torn areas in the world. 

Pray for our local and national leaders.


Pray for the ministry of Vasiley Dmitrievsky and e3 partners. Pray for the trips that he will be taking this summer to share the Gospel.


Pray for Mission Partners, Blake and Cathy Purcell on the passing of their son, John Mark.

Pray for the family of Dale Nelsen, who passed on March 29th.


Pray for our deacons as they reach out to serve those in need.

Church-wide Bible reading participants.


Cynthia Brown

Iva Jean Angel

Roger Jones

Sue Ernst

Judy Hartwell

Prayer Requests

If you have a need or concern, we would be honored to pray for and with you. All requests will be treated with compassion and confidentiality. If you would would like to share your prayer request with the church to pray for you, you will see an option to click on the bottom of the form.

How can we pray for you?

Thank you for sharing your prayer request!

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